Types of Livestock Insurance

Animal Mortality

Provides the insured with option to purchase coverage for all risks of full mortality or more limited specified perils coverage.  Coverage is extended for theft and unlawful removal of animals.  Primary coverage available with a minimum premium of $200 per policy.

Livestock Specified Perils

Provides coverage for losses caused by death or humane destruction of livestock as a result of a specified peril. Coverage is for both owned livestock and non-owned livestock in your custody and control. Coverage extensions include- coverage at incidental unscheduled locations, expenses incurred to minimize a livestock loss, theft coverage, automatic coverage at new locations for 90 days and coverage for the removal and disposal of carcasses. Primary coverage available with a minimum premium of $200 per policy. Minimum $500 deductible, $1,000 standard-current market value and contracted values with a limit of $10 million per occurrence. Notable exclusions include: escape or unexplained disappearance, seizure or government ordered destruction, fright stress or running into objects, disease, sickness or illness, war, nuclear action or terrorism, hyperthermia, heat stroke or exhaustion.  Additional endorsements are available.

Livestock Transit Motor Truck

Provides broad form coverage for losses to animals in transit that are your property or the property of others. Loss includes death, humane destruction, crippling, bruising, injury or escape of animals. Primary coverage available with a minimum premium of $200 per policy.  Coverage can be extended to include: salvage and recovery expenses, debris removal expenses, freight charges, theft of the entire load, vehicle breakdown, loss of value due to a loss occurrence, loading and unloading coverage and substitution of vehicles for inoperable vehicles. $1,000 deductible, reduces to zero for a loss caused by a specified peril.  Substantiated value with standard limits of $100,000 per vehicle with higher limits available. Notable exclusions include: property other than animals, delay, loss of market, loss of use or any consequential loss; neglect to save and preserve the animals, unexplained loss, mysterious disappearance or shortage upon taking inventory; criminal acts by the insured or employees; war, nuclear action or terrorism; animals sick, diseased or weakened prior to loading; pollutant cleanup; government ordered seizure or destruction; excessive shrink or loss of weight, unless resulting from a loss occurrence.

Livestock Care, Custody & Control Liability Insurance

Provides liability coverage for losses caused by death, injury or theft to livestock in the insured’s care, custody and control that they become legally obligated to pay the owner of the livestock. Coverage can extend to include:  covers reasonable expenses incurred by insured at our request to investigate the claim; covers loss of earnings up to $250 per day from time off work at your request; covers expenses to remove and dispose of dead livestock after a loss occurs, for up to 25% of the loss amount. $5000 deductible with up to $1 million limit per occurrence with a $2 million annual aggregate limit. To qualify- livestock owner and feeding contract must be approved before coverage can be offered; insured must have an alarm system and standby generator. Notable exclusions include: Malicious or willful acts by insured, family members or employees; dishonest acts by insured, partners, employees or anyone entrusted with livestock; escape or unexplained disappearance; seizure or government ordered destruction; surgical procedure, inoculation or injections; disease, sickness or illness; fines, punitive damages or attorney’s fees; failure of livestock to meet performance standards, quality conditions  or warranties, livestock not healthy when delivered. Policy conditions include: Insured must employ all reasonable means to protect livestock; Insured must provide a copy of the feeding contract, any amendment and/or standard operating procedures; Insured must notify company of any changes to the contract within 30 days of receipt; Insured must notify company immediately if they begin feeding livestock  for a new owner; Insured must test alarm and generator monthly and keep a log of all test results.