Crop Insurance Claim Process


Important things to know about your crop insurance policy

If you think you have a loss, it is your responsibility to contact your crop insurance agent, Anya, immediately after discovering a loss or potential loss on your crops.

Prevented planting: You are required to call your agent within 72 hours to file a prevented planting claim within the late plant period or by the final planting date; which is June 5th for corn and June 20th for soybeans as long as these crops that are prevented from being planted due to an insurable cause. In order to receive Prevented Planting benefits, the loss must be general to the area. In other words, other producers must have been prevented from planting also. Your loss alone in a county WILL NOT qualify for a payment provided the majority of farmers in the area get their crops planted.

For crops that need replanted: A notice of loss for replant must be filed within 72 hours of the initial discovery of damage or loss. All replant acreage is replanted to the initial crop. Please note that switching from one crop to another is not replanting and should be submitted as a harvest loss. Before you replant or destroy the crop, call your agent first to make sure you stay in compliance. A crop insurance adjuster must give approval BEFORE you replant or destroy the existing stand to receive loss benefits.

Once a notice of loss is filed, an adjuster will contact you to schedule an appointment to inspect the crop and review other pertinent information necessary to review your claim.

REMINDER: You must notify and obtain consent from an adjuster BEFORE and AFTER the following actions:

  • Destroying any of the insured crop that is not to be harvested
  • Putting the insured crop or acreage to an alternative use; or
  • Putting the acreage to another use: or
  • Abandoning any portion of the insured crop